Friday, July 23, 2010

Hormagaunt WIP

Getting back to these guys.....
Now that the test model is painted (ages ago) I'm starting to apply the steps to the other 15 gaunts in this unit.  So far they've received a Calthan brown basecoat over black primer, and a drybrush of Deneb stone.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

First Gaunt Test Model

First of 16 Hormagaunts. (This is a repost from my blog)

Primed black, heavy overbrush of Calthan Brown
Overbrush Dheneb Stone
Gryphonne Sepia wash
Bleached Bone on flesh areas, mostly ridges. I didn't read the instructions closely enough and started painting bone on the carapace. That's corrected a couple steps from now.
Highlight same areas w/ 50/50 bleached bone / skull white
Mordian Blue base
Stripes of enchanted blue
Highlight strips with 50/50 ice blue/enchanted blue
Joints, eyes, openings to fleshy areas: base lich purple. Highlight warlock purple. Also added skull white to teeth and small specular to eyes.