Tuesday, March 30, 2010

First Gaunt Test Model

First of 16 Hormagaunts. (This is a repost from my blog)

Primed black, heavy overbrush of Calthan Brown
Overbrush Dheneb Stone
Gryphonne Sepia wash
Bleached Bone on flesh areas, mostly ridges. I didn't read the instructions closely enough and started painting bone on the carapace. That's corrected a couple steps from now.
Highlight same areas w/ 50/50 bleached bone / skull white
Mordian Blue base
Stripes of enchanted blue
Highlight strips with 50/50 ice blue/enchanted blue
Joints, eyes, openings to fleshy areas: base lich purple. Highlight warlock purple. Also added skull white to teeth and small specular to eyes.